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Hunting for someone online?

How to use, Google and Social media to find who you are looking for: There are many reasons you could want to find an address or phone number online, you might be planning a wedding and have lost contact with someone you really want there, or have lost contact with a group of old […]

New age guides for millions of records

We’ve just added more than 20 million new “age guides” for people listed on the site. When you’re looking for someone and you’re trying to work out whether it’s the right person – particularly difficult when the name is a common one – the age range is a really useful indicator. Age guides are displayed […]

New edited Electoral Roll records!

New edited Electoral Roll records have just been made available on! There are hundreds of thousands of new and updated records included in the release, so if you’re looking for someone, or you need to have the latest and best address information for your contacts, it’s a very good time to check them out. […]

2013 Edited Electoral Roll records now on

There are now 25 million new 2013 edited electoral roll records on If you’re looking for family and friends, you can now make use of more than 10 years of edited electoral roll information on the UK’s leading online directory. The latest batch ¬†includes a massive number London borough electoral records, so if you’re […]

Who’s coming for Christmas?

With 160,000 new Electoral Roll records just added to, it’s time to get¬†started on your Christmas card list. On you can check residential addresses and business addresses all in one go. So whether you’re preparing the family Christmas card list or if you’ve been left with a list of illegible addresses from your […]