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Beware Sunshine Scams

You’ve packed your beach towel. And your bucket and spade. Yippee. But your holiday doesn’t exist and now your miserable again. We’re urging awareness of holiday fraud. Action Fraud reported 151 frauds involving airline tickets since January 2012. Over a 100 of these occurred from April to June this year. Airline ticket fraud involves fraudulent websites […]

Beware Rental Fraud

Beware rental fraud!  We found that landlords are highly trusted when handing over money to them. Rental fraud happens when would-be tenants are tricked into paying an upfront fee to rent a property. In reality, the property does not exist or has been rented to multiple victims at once. According to the National Fraud Intelligence […]

Beware Cowboy Builders! is being used by Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood of Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders to track down fraudulent traders. Protect yourself from cowboy builders by verifying their identity and business credentials on  Enter a name and surname into our people search boxes, and see if a trader is operating under an alias. Download a Company Credit […]