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Seven million new names and addresses

We’ve updated our edited electoral roll records, adding 7  million records to, helping reunite more family and friends than ever. Our update boosts our status as the UK’s leading-people finding website. If we’ve helped reunite you with an old friend for Christmas please tweet us at @192com, or visit our Facebook page. balloons in popularity’s astonishing growth in popularity continues, as millions flock to the site.   Last month, attracted eight million unique users.  In June last year, this figure was  just over three million.   With traffic to the site almost tripling, Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of said: “We’re breaking all our records with 400,000 unique visitors a day because […]

Population explosion!’s astonishing growth in popularity continues as millions of new users flock to the site.   Last month, the UK’s leading people-finding website received 7.3 million visits, smashing the previous record of 5.8 million in April. In May of last year, this figure was 2.8 million. In just one day recorded 330,000 unique users, just three […]