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Hunting for someone online?

How to use, Google and Social media to find who you are looking for: There are many reasons you could want to find an address or phone number online, you might be planning a wedding and have lost contact with someone you really want there, or have lost contact with a group of old […]

Nephew in a bottle

Nephew found after 40 years provides missing link to British family A Melbourne Mum used the internet to find her missing nephew 28 years after emigrating from the UK.  “ When you move abroad, family becomes more important,” said  Mary*, 65, “ I just wanted to find out what had happened to them and to know […] launches family reunion day

We’re pleased to announce the launch of national Family Reunion Day on Sunday the 31st of May, the final day of National Family Week. is calling on every family in the UK to get together on that day and spend some quality time with extended family. National Family Week, the UK’s first, has been organised […]