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Electoral Roll Update July 2019

For the fourth time so far this year we’ve received an updated list of Electoral Roll records. This update includes 33 million changes, meaning there are loads of new, updated, and validated UK names and addresses that have been added to the site. You can specifically search for someone on the Electoral Roll using the […]

New edited Electoral Roll records!

New edited Electoral Roll records have just been made available on! There are hundreds of thousands of new and updated records included in the release, so if you’re looking for someone, or you need to have the latest and best address information for your contacts, it’s a very good time to check them out. […]

Exclusive Voter Check Tool Launched

There’s no doubt that this general election is going to be hotly contested. That’s why has launched an exclusive tool where you can check to see if you’re registered to vote at your current address. This is the only place you can do this online, for free: Checking your name¬†and full¬†postcode against […]