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Hunting for someone online?

How to use, Google and Social media to find who you are looking for: There are many reasons you could want to find an address or phone number online, you might be planning a wedding and have lost contact with someone you really want there, or have lost contact with a group of old […]

It’s lists more UK businesses than any other online directory

Advertising Standards Authority rules on Hibu (formerly Yell) v ASA upholds’s claim to list more UK businesses than its nine closest competitors including ASA rules that must not compare its popularity with that of because they “do not meet the same need” November 20, 2013 The Advertising Standards Authority has […]

Route 192

Carol from Dudley was adopted during the war. She had no idea who her birth mother was. From the age of 11 she took the bus to school every day. A kindly female ticket collector would stamp her ticket. 50 years later Carol found her mother on They joyously reunited. It was the lady […]

Background check car dealers

70% of motorists don’t make basic background checks when buying second hand cars There were 81,000 vehicle thefts last year Motor Finance Fraud costs the UK £10.9 million Our Background Reports will offer motorists greater protection against deception and fraud. The reports will enable motorists to know who they are buying their car from, enabling […] launches Background Reports

We’ve launched the first ever online Background Reports service for UK consumers offering protection from deception and fraud. Background Reports draw on vast amounts of data to create an in-depth profile of an individual within seconds. The reports detail residential histories and co-habitees, negative financial indicators, property ownership, company director information, and more.’s reports […]

Reuniting Suffragettes

We’ve partnered with Family Tree magazine to find and reunite the descendents of  the suffragettes. In the 100th anniversary of Emily Wilding Davison’s fatal protest at the Epsom Derby, we’re offering suffragette descendents up to £50 of free search credits. Send details of the suffragette in your family tree to Family Tree magazine by […]

We help David Walliams reunite with old school friends

PRESS RELEASE 06.2013, the UK’s leading people-finding website has helped the actor and comedian David Walliams to reunite some of his old school friends. The reunion recreated an old photograph of David Walliams starring in a school production of All The King’s Men, an experience which inspired the funnyman’s career. Sharing the stage with […]

Reunited: Stone Age Descedents

We’ve  reunited the living decedents of the  Cheddar Man, who lived 9000 years ago. Considered Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, the stone-age remains were found in Cheddar Gorge in the county of Somerset and were excavated in 1903. Genetic fingerprinting later found that some descendants of the Cheddar Man still live in the same area of […]

We help the children’s Charity Cabrini to reunite families the UK’s leading people-finding website has teamed up with the Cabrini Children’s Society to help reunite adopted adults with their birth families. The site will provide Cabrini with free access to millions of public records to help the charity locate birth parents on behalf of adopted adults, and help adopted adults  make contact with […]

Tech man Terry talks cloud technology

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