About 192.com

Once upon a time, before Macbooks, smartphones, Snapchat or Twitter, people actually used to talk

Friends would plan in dates, often weeks in advance, and turn up on time. Letters were hand-written onto beautiful sheets of pastel shaded paper, before placing carefully into an envelope, licking a seasonal stamp and sending to a friend they’d never met – but known since childhood. A phone-call to a relative in Australia was a special and fairly expensive event – meeting face-to-face was a dream come true.

What’s Auntie Jean’s postcode again?

And if you didn’t have somebody’s contact details you would reach for the phone directory or call 192.

A modern solution

In the digital age the phone book has gone to the recycling plant. And you’ll possibly need a pay-day loan to call a directory enquiry provider. You can Instalike, live stream or email in a flash. But sometimes the old ways of communicating are the best.

Whether you’re sending out a birthday card to a lost address, looking for an old friend from school’s phone number or can’t remember if it’s spelt Catherine, Kathrine, Cathryn or Kate – 192.com can help.

192.com is simply the UK’s leading people-finding website. We have 700 million public records, and the depth of our data is unparalleled. No wonder we receive 11 million unique users each month.

And over the years we’ve added some extra features.

What we do

Our philosophy is to put public information into public hands, and to do so responsibly. 

We’ve helped reunite family and friends, plus we deliver the inside track on UK businesses. We’re experts on school admissions. We’ve also done the hard work in finding out all about your next potential property purchase.

We are based in Fulham, West London.

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Our bloggers

This blog shares reunion news, broadcasts new site features and advice on ID checking businesses.

Contributors include:

  • Dom – Tech boffin
    Dom has his fingers in a lot of pies here at 192.com. He looks after our new products, features and site functionality from conception to launch.
    Outside of the office, (he thinks) he’s an excellent cook and relationship expert.
  • Matt A – Customer Service champion
    Matt understands the site  from the most important perspective – yours.
    When Matt isn’t on the phone, he’s busy winning pub quizzes.
  • Simon – PR guru
    Simon works hard to make sure everyone knows about all the exciting things we get up to at 192.com.
    After completing the London Marathon in 2016, Simon vowed never again – he is currently awaiting to see if his ballot application for 2017 has been successful.
  • Henry – Marketing maestro
    Henry loves sharing everything 192.com with the world.
    The yoga mat sat next to Henry’s desk has never moved.
  • Matt P – Schools’ number cruncher
    Matt collects and analyses the numbers that power findaschool.
    At weekends, Matt can be found running up and down muddy hills – and moaning about aching legs on a Monday morning.
  • Jethro – Graphics whizz
    Jethro is our lead designer who makes 192.com both beautiful and user-friendly.
    Despite his name, Jethro has no official links to tractors.
  • Ed – findaschool founder
    Ed created findaschool when searching for his son’s first school.
    With a passion for salsa dancing, Ed has won many national and international competitions.

Other special guests contribute to this blog to lend us their expertise or give us a tea break.

The most special guest is you. We want to know what you think of 192.com. If you have any ideas about how we can improve this blog or our website please let us know.

Most of all, we love hearing about long lost friends, servicemen, family members or even childhood sweethearts reuniting through 192.com. So don’t be shy, share your stories with us, the world and the known universe.