How can I manage my credits?

People often ask us the best way to make their credits to work for them. In 2019 we released two small, but powerful, features to help people understand where they are spending credits and manage their credit balance while on the site.

Credit Counter

Once turned on, the Credit Counter will display in the top right-hand corner of the screen, right next to the search box. When you’re logged in to, the credit counter will show you exactly how many credits you have remaining on your account.

Credit Warnings

If enabled on your account, the Credit Warning will display as a pop-up box each time you’re about to spend one or more of your credits on a search. It will tell you how many credits you will spend, and ask you to confirm that you’d like to go ahead before taking you to the search results.

You can switch the credit counter and credit warnings on or off by navigating to ‘Your Account’ and selecting ‘Site Preferences’.