How do Discount Codes work?

Looking for a discount code on

A few times each year we send out a discount code to registered users via email. If you’d like to receive these emails, you can update your email preferences in the ‘Your Account’ section of the website. 

Often our discounts range between 10% and 25% off. If you receive a promotional code, and you expect to be searching in the near future, then make sure you add credits to your account and benefit from the reduced rate. Packages with 30 or more credits are valid for 6 months, so buying a pack in July will see you with credits to use in the lead up to Christmas! 

Discount codes work on all credit packages, background reports and property reports unless otherwise specified. They will usually have an expiry date, which will be included in the email. 

I have a discount code, now what?

If you’ve received a discount code and you would like to redeem it, head to and select ‘Get Credits ’ under the ‘Your Account’ menu.

Select the package size you wish to buy and click continue. At this point, if you have the option to use ‘Quick Pay’, please choose ‘continue’ instead to ensure you can add the discount code to your order.  

Next, confirm your billing address, and select ‘Do you have a promo code’. You will see a box where you can enter your code and select ‘apply’. 

Continue to the following section to complete your payment details. You’ll notice the price of the package has been updated with your discount now. 

Confirm your order, and you can get started with a new search.