International Day of Friendship 2019

Check out the UN annual calendar for July, and you’ll spot the International Day of Friendship tucked away at the end of July, smack bang in the middle of summer.  As if you needed any further reasons to spend time in the sun, with friends?

If you have some friends with whom you would like to catch up but have fallen out of touch with, maybe this International Day of Friendship will act as the catalyst for you to reach out and reconnect. can help you find updated telephone numbers, and addresses of millions of people in the UK. Just start a People Finder search and see who you can spot.

Haven’t been able to find who you’re looking for yet? Why not try these tips:

  • Try using the advanced search option to search using just initials or parts of a name. 
  • Try searching for a close relative or partners name if you know it. You might be able to find someone else who lives in the same home.
  • Try searching for a mutual friend who could put you in touch with the original person you were looking for. Maybe all three of you could reconnect!   
  • Broaden your search by using tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and even Google Images, if you know what the person looks like. 

Best of luck finding your old pals, and happy International Day of Friendship for 2019!