This Month Is Fraud Awareness Month

Every year, scams and frauds cost people in the UK up to £10bn, not to mention the severe emotional and psychological impact this has on it’s victims.

Scams Awareness Month is taking place throughout this June to help highlight how to stay safe and avoid being tricked by fraudsters.

Our Background report is a key tool in the fight against fraudsters, helping you get all the information on who you’re dealing with, enabling you to make an informed choices.

Background Reports can be used to help prevent you being scammed in a variety of situations, for example:

  • Making a large purchase from someone, like buying a second hand car.
  • Welcoming someone into your home like a tradesman, babysitter, or housesitter.
  • Going into business with someone.
  • Signing a tenancy agreement.
  • Meeting someone who you’ve been chatting with online for the very first time.

Our Background Report gives you a better understanding about a person. It can answer questions you haven’t thought to ask, or confirm details you’ve already been given. Have a look at a sample report to see the extensive information included in the report.