Leave it to Phil and 192.com

Property Report news from over the weekend!

Since we launched our Property Report with Phil Spencer just a few months ago we are happy to say we have helped lots of house hunters get the full facts before making an offer.

Buying a property will probably be the largest purchase you ever make, so it’s important you have all the facts available before you start the process. Working with TV’s Phil Spencer we’ve created a report that is instantly downloadable on any property in England and Wales, it gives you all the essential information about that property and the surrounding area; such as are the schools good? Is there any planning applications I should know about? Even if it is in a high crime area.

Having this information enables those looking at a property to make a more informed decision before making an offer and conducting costly searches.

The report is available directly from:  https://www.192.com/places/property-reports/ and costs from just £17.99