192.com partners with MoveIQ to launch Phil Spencer’s Property Report.


192.com has partnered with Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer to produce a Property Report that helps empower property hunters, giving them all the information on a property and the local area to make an informed decision.

With Phil Spencer’s Property Report, you can instantly access important information about any property in England and Wales.  This includes the title register, valuations of the property and neighbouring homes, planning information including approved, pending and even rejected applications, and even if the property falls in a successful admissions area of a local school. The report empowers buyers and renters by making all the facts available to them in one place, helping them to get the best deal possible and making them aware of any potential issues that may not be immediately obvious.

The report cost £17.99 and is available HERE.

Phil Spencer said about launching the report “I want to arm anyone moving with the tools, knowledge and confidence to secure the right property and get the best deal possible. Equally knowing vital property specific and local area information about somewhere you’re set to call ‘home’ is too often overlooked. Having all the facts to hand and knowing what to do with them, is essential when buying or renting”