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Discount codes for

Are you looking for discount codes or vouchers to use on We do occasionally publish temporary discount codes on special occasions – see below! However, if you really want to make sure that you get all special offers from us, you need to do the following. 1) Set up a free account with […]

200 cybercrime gangs in London alone

An interesting piece in the Evening Standard reports the Metropolitan Police as saying that there are more than 200 organised gangs in London conducting some kind of online or ‘cyber’ fraud. Police warn that these sophisticated operators often use social engineering – a combination of manipulative tricks and psychological techniques – over lengthy periods to […]

Open Electoral Roll data update

The latest updates to the 2014 open Electoral Roll are now live on There have been around 300,000 new and updated name and address records published to the site now since the last quarter. If you’ve been looking for someone before and not found them, it might be worth another go now. Give our […]

Dating scams back in the news

Online dating has opened up a world of possibilities for meeting new people, but it comes with its own new dangers; in particular that you have to be very careful about the identity and intentions of the people that you meet. It could be a systematic scam taking hundreds of thousands, as with this story […]