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Cost of UK online fraud ‘£670m’

UK losses from online fraud have hit £670m a year, according to this piece in the Guardian today. Fewer than one-third of victims have reported their losses, according to the survey on which the piece is based, but more than half of those surveyed said that they had suffered from some form of cybercrime in […]

Crime is down – if you exclude online crime!

Official crime stats apparently exclude a range of online offences – and if they were included, the crime rate would actually be going up! That’s according to a piece in the FT, which says that crime rates would be 40% higher if these were included. That just gives you an idea of the scale of […]

Advice on avoiding fraud online

“Put the person’s name into the internet” is one of the useful pieces of advice that you’ll find in this handy piece on avoiding online fraud on ThisIsMoney. It’s well worth a read – and if you’re dealing with someone who’s in the UK, save yourself a bit of time by searching for them directly […]

Phishing threats

Protecting ourselves from fraud is the subject of this interesting piece in the Huffington Post. Online banking fraud is up, and phishing is a big part of dragging people in. Always be very wary of any email asking you for your financial details – the fraudsters can be very sophisticated in putting together official-looking emails […]

The rising tide of fraud

According to a story on the BBC website, there are not enough qualified police officers to deal with the huge rise in fraud in the UK. Police records of fraud were up 17% annually, and it’s estimated by academics that there are almost 30 million frauds every year (including the many that go unreported). Stoking […]

The cost of dating fraud

If you’re scammed on a dating site, expect to part with around £10k! According to a piece in today’s Telegraph, the AVERAGE amount scammed in more than 600 dating fraud cases in just three months this year was £9,589! By contrast, the cost of a Background Report on is just £14.99 (plus VAT). Whatever […]

Online dating fraudsters

A quite worrying story here from the Standard illustrating the extent of the problem with online fraudsters: If you’ve got any doubts about someone that you’ve met online, do take care to protect yourself. You can always try to find out more about them with a comprehensive Background Report from – it could save […]