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Facebook sign-in on

We’ve added a new feature to – now, if you’re a registered user of Facebook, you can register for a account with a single click. If you’re already a registered user, then you can link your account to Facebook provided that you used the same email address to register. Provided that you […]

Company data update – D&B

Today we have published a major update from Dun & Bradstreet. This affects both business and people data. The update included more than 100,000 new businesses, and updates to more than 300,000 businesses. We’ve also added details of nearly half a million company directors, and more than 300,000 new shareholders. Some of these will be […]

Business data update – LDC

It’s only a short time since the last update from the Local Data Company, but another one has gone live on the site today, bringing us bang up to date. Thousands of new shops are listed, and thousands more have been updated. Check out our business search or visual search to find them!

Historic property prices now live

We have just updated our property price data, sourced from the Land Registry, and you will now find sales data for England and Wales going back to 1995. There are now more than 18 million property transactions listed on the site, covering more than 11 million different houses and flats across the land. Property price […]

Business search update – Local Data Company

We use data from multiple sources to bring you the best possible business directory for the UK, and we’re continually checking and adding new data to the site. The most recent update to the site took place today, with thousands of new business details being added, and thousands more updated with new information from one […]

Background report data update

Today we have published updates to our insolvency and mortality data, two of the datasets that provide crucial information as part of our Background Reports. Insolvency information is very useful when checking someone’s financial status, and the mortality information may be useful in cases of possible identity theft.

Our intergalactic reputation!

It’s been reported this week that certain crop circle theorists have found what they believe to be a reference to in a crop circle that appeared last year in California. The number 192 was repeated a number of times in the pattern, and the hypothesis presented on a crop circle website was that this […]

New edited Electoral Roll records!

New edited Electoral Roll records have just been made available on! There are hundreds of thousands of new and updated records included in the release, so if you’re looking for someone, or you need to have the latest and best address information for your contacts, it’s a very good time to check them out. […]