Check it before you send it

Yo ho ho it’s Christmas. If you’re sending a Christmas card make sure you send it to the right address and postcode by doing a quick address check.

Last posting dates for first and second class stamps are the 18th and 20th of December

We found that last Christmas 30% of well-wishers received between one and several cards addressed to previous occupants, so use to make sure you’re sending a card to a current occupant.

We also surveyed millions of our site-users and found that:

• 1 in 5 want to receive a Christmas card from an old flame

• 71% prefer to receive a Christmas card by mid-December

• 18% said they will keep an old Christmas card for up to 10 years after receiving it

And finally…a name search on will tell you that:

• There are 23 people in the UK are called Mary Christmas

• There are seven Holly Berry’s in the country, and eight called Carol Singer

• There are over 200 in the UK with surname Stocking, and 10 with the surname Cracker