192.com launches Background Reports

We’ve launched the first ever online Background Reports service for UK consumers offering protection from deception and fraud.

Background Reports draw on vast amounts of data to create an in-depth profile of an individual within seconds. The reports detail residential histories and co-habitees, negative financial indicators, property ownership, company director information, and more.

192.com’s reports will enable anyone wishing to build trust in a person to quickly check them out; whether it be babysitters, employees, tradesmen, landlords, lodgers or new partners.

Dominic Blackburn, Head of Product at 192.com said: “Background Reports offer protection from falsehoods and fraud. They will counter the lies told in range of circumstances, from employing a tradesman to work on your home, to renting a room, or going on a date.”

Insolvency records and county court judgments in the Background Reports will reveal unpaid debts, and mortality data will help expose identities stolen from the deceased. Address information will show details of where someone lives, has lived previously, and who with.

The reports will counter the smoke and mirrors of the internet. Where online profiles are often fictional, Background Reports will help thwart online dishonesty and fraud, as evidenced by Facebook’s disclosure of up to 83 million faked accounts by the sharing of official, public data.

In a nationally representative poll of 2,000, people commissioned by 192.com, the online directory found:

  • 50 per cent of people admitted to disguising an aspect of their personal profile.
  • 45 per cent had been conned when dealing with other people, with 12 per cent being conned by a tradesman.
  • 28 per cent admitted to fabricating details on their online profiles.
  • One in 10 will be untruthful to make money.

192.com’s Background Reports will also counter romance fraud. According to Action Fraud romance fraud grew by 33% in 2012 and according a study by Leicester University, one in 50 know a victim of romance fraud.

Dominic Blackburn says: “192.com Background Reports make people think twice before lying about themselves, either in a transactional or personal situation, and encourage a safer online environment. As a company with a history of reuniting people, this new service is about reassuring them.”

192.com Background Reports are available for purchase.