We help David Walliams reunite with old school friends


192.com, the UK’s leading people-finding website has helped the actor and comedian David Walliams to reunite some of his old school friends.

The reunion recreated an old photograph of David Walliams starring in a school production of All The King’s Men, an experience which inspired the funnyman’s career.

Sharing the stage with the Britain’s Got Talent star are fellow alumni of Reigate Grammar School, who went on to less high profile jobs.

David worked with his former school to find the names and contact details for each of his fellow cast members. The team used 192.com as one method of tracing the former classmates, scouring the website’s 36 million residential names and addresses.

“192.com has millions of listings from the edited electoral roll and the telephone directory, and we are delighted to have helped David to find his old cast members,” said Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com.

The re-staged photograph was orchestrated by Rain Media Productions who have produced a film about the reunion, called Snapshot In Time to be aired on ITV 1 on June 6.

“Snapshot In Time was created when we heard about a photographer who bought a photographic studio, and discovered many old group photographs. The photographer found the people in the photographs and retook the pictures in the same location with the same participants,” explains Mark Wells, Creative Director of Rain Media Productions.

“We approached David and he suggested using a photograph of him in a school play that he had found while researching his autobiography.  As the film outlines, the photograph has an extraordinary relevance for David. It was the moment which, in his words ‘changed his life.’  This was when he stood on stage in a school play in March 1983, and heard the audience laughing. He knew then what career he wanted.”

Mr Wells adds: “The participants from the original photograph came together to restage the photograph thirty years after it was first taken – in the same location, with an identical backdrop. David thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and the process of tracing everyone and bringing them back to Reigate to a place ‘back in the moment’ was so significant for him.”

Snapshot In Time will be broadcast on Thursday, June 6 on ITV1 at 9pm.

David Walliams is an actor, comedian and children’s author. He is co-star and co-creator of Little Britain and has swum the English Channel and the length of the River Thames for the charity, Sport Relief. His autobiography Camp David is available through Amazon.


Please note:

David Walliams does not have a commercial arrangement with 192.com Ltd, or a formal relationship with the company. This press release is being issued with the consent of Rain Media Productions, ITV, and David Walliams’s management.