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2013 Edited Electoral Roll records now on

There are now 25 million new 2013 edited electoral roll records on If you’re looking for family and friends, you can now make use of more than 10 years of edited electoral roll information on the UK’s leading online directory. The latest batch  includes a massive number London borough electoral records, so if you’re […]

We overtake Yell to become the UK’s leading online directory

It’s official: is now the UK’s most popular online directory. According to Experian Hitwise which measures the largest sample of worldwide internet users, last month had 18% more visits than and more than six times as many visits as BT’s The Phonebook. Hitwise monitors the use of more than a million web […]

Happy new year!

Looking ahead… Are you looking for an old friend or family member in 2013? Tell us all about it by emailing And looking back…. Have you written a song or poem about a long-lost friendship or reunion? If so email and we’ll post the best entries on these pages.