Barking brilliant! helps home missing dogs

We team up with pet detectives

The UK’s leading people-finding website is helping the animal organisation to reunite missing dogs with their owners. is giving DogLost access to millions of names, addresses and telephone numbers to help trace owners of lost or stolen pets. traces missing pets through their website and nationwide volunteer teams, and finds owners of pets gone hair-stray.

Thanks to’s powerful-people finding database, the organisation will now have plenty of leads.

If an address on a collar is incomplete or out of date, or if a pet’s microchip has old contact details, DogLost volunteers can put an owner’s name or part of an address into’s search-engine, accessing the contact details of over 30 million UK residents. contains 27 million records from the 2012 edited electoral roll, which can help trace pet owners who’ve moved house since they last registered to vote. also contains the names of co-habitants, and neighbours contact details, allowing for community-wide searches.

“ finds and reunites thousands of families and friends a year, and now the site can also be used to identify the homes of man’s best friend,” said Dominic Blackburn Product Director of

“It doesn’t matter if all you know is the city and an owner’s first name, the chances are, the owner of that pet will be on, and can be found in the shake of a tail,” he added.

Nik Oakley of said: “Every day our volunteers help reunite missing dogs with their owners, and we are delighted to get our teeth into a phenomenal search engine in” has over 700 million residential and business listings, amalgamating public databases such as Directors records, Births Marriages and Deaths Indexes and the Telephone Directory. The site provides free UK directory enquiries, but charges for more in-depth people-finding information.

The partnership between and enables pet-detectives to claw through entirely free of charge.

“Any lost or stolen dogs registered on will have a greater chance of being reunited with its owners,” says founder Jayne Hayes. “Our volunteers work really hard to reunite dogs with their owners, so if your pet is missing call our helpline or register your pets details with our site. has the following advice to help prevent your dog going missing:

*Ensure your dog is clearly identified with a collar and dog tag.

*Ensure your dog’s tag contains the owner’s name, the first line of their address, postcode, and at least one contact number. Update their details if they change. Cats should always wear quick-release collars.

*Microchipping involves inserting a tiny chip into the scruff of an animal’s neck. It contains a unique code that can be read on a scanner to reveal the owner’s contact details. Scanners are normally used by vets, rescue centres and dog wardens. Owners should update their details if they change.

*Get a phone for your dog – enabling owners to track your dog in real time. The Retrieva collar allows you to track and locate your dog using your smart phone or computer. Dog tattoo identification offers a permanent and visible means of identifying your pet in cases where they are lost or stolen. The National  Dog Tattoo Register can provide more details.

*Under The Control of Dogs Order 1992, any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag.

Owners can be fined up to £5,000 if their dog does not wear an identification tag. The exception to this is working dogs.

If you lose your dog:

*Report your dog missing at It’s free and supporters will help to distribute posters and spread the word about your dog.

*Report it to your local animal rescue centre.

*Contact your local animal warden, who is responsible for collecting stray dogs. Very few animal wardens deal with stray cats.

*Call your local veterinary surgery in case a member of the public has handed your dog or cat to them or has notified them of a stray.

*Create posters and ask local businesses to display them. DogLost creates a free poster for your lost dog – all you have to do is register it on

*Call’s helpline: 0844 800 3220.