Everybody needs good neighbours

Guess what, you LOVE your neighbour. It’s official.

We conducted a survey and found that:

*82% would personally intervene if they thought their neighbour was being burgled.

*74% would offer a neighbour shelter for the night if they were made temporarily homeless.

* 62% said they would try to contact their neighbour if they were concerned for their welfare.

We polled 192.com visitors during the Olympics. Of the 540 who responded, we found that 87% knew who their neighbours were, but just 45% had their neighbour’s telephone number.

More than a third said they would not be able to contact their neighbours in an emergency. One in ten said they could only make contact with considerable difficulty.

Over half of the poll wanted to get back in touch with an old neighbour: 41% wanted to do so for friendship, 2% for romantic reasons.  Six per-cent had had a romance with a neighbour, of these one in five were already in a relationship.

There was less love shown for volatile families. When asked who would they least like to live near, 62% chose an argumentative family, 11% said ex-criminals and 8% preferred not to live near students.

Dogs also fared badly in the poll, with more people preferring musicians and professional footballers as neighbours than dog owners.

“Noisy pets can make neighbours fur-rrious,” explains Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com.

To contact a neighbour past or present, use 192.com to access free directory enquiries and over 300 million edited electoral records.