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Everybody needs good neighbours

Guess what, you LOVE your neighbour. It’s official. We conducted a survey and found that: *82% would personally intervene if they thought their neighbour was being burgled. *74% would offer a neighbour shelter for the night if they were made temporarily homeless. * 62% said they would try to contact their neighbour if they were […]

Happy birthday to our Mamma Mia girl!

Last year we reunited Fallan Kelly with her Father. Their reunion echoed the plot of the smash hit musical Mamma Mia! starring Amanda Seyfried, in which the heroine identifies her Dad out of three possible candidates. Fallan’s story sparked a media frenzy. Her heart warming reunion was covered by virtually every national UK outlet, and was also […]

New Product! See Who’s Searching For You.

Right now, somebody might be looking for you on But who? Find out with our new product called See Who’s Searching For You. See Who’s Searching For You tells you every time your name is searched for online, and lets you email the searcher. Wow From the moment you purchase See Who’s Searching For You we will start to compile your online search history, showing you who’s […]

Farewell to a wonderful Olympics

Wow. What an amazing two weeks. The athletes and volunteers of London 2012 leave us with incredible memories. We’re so proud of them. Now that the games are over, are you inspired to take up a new sport with old friends? If so, tell us about your sporting reunion on Twitter @192com

Beware Sunshine Scams

You’ve packed your beach towel. And your bucket and spade. Yippee. But your holiday doesn’t exist and now your miserable again. We’re urging awareness of holiday fraud. Action Fraud reported 151 frauds involving airline tickets since January 2012. Over a 100 of these occurred from April to June this year. Airline ticket fraud involves fraudulent websites […]

Beware Rental Fraud

Beware rental fraud!  We found that landlords are highly trusted when handing over money to them. Rental fraud happens when would-be tenants are tricked into paying an upfront fee to rent a property. In reality, the property does not exist or has been rented to multiple victims at once. According to the National Fraud Intelligence […]