Reunited after 50 years

Three soldiers have reunited in Eastbourne after 50 years apart thanks to

Corporal Bernhard Tedhams served in the Royal Sussex Regiment with Ken Pavey and Mick Chapman in 1956. The trio lost touch for decades. 

Berhard Tedhams found Mick Chapman when Robin Brown, a World War Two veteran and professional people-finder used to trace Ken Pavey’s address. Mr Brown served with the Royal Engineers in 1943, and  now runs a people-finding enterprise.

Recalling his search, Mr Tedhams said: “I got an address for Mick and eventually went to see him. He did not immediately recognise me, but when he did, he went mad! It was really good to see him again.

“I got in touch with Ken and we met up in Eastbourne on the 25th of April 2012. It was raining but after lunch the sun shone and Ken and Mick said what a good day it had been.”

Mick Chapman recalls: “I did my National Service with The Royal Sussex Regiment between 1954 and 1956. It is where I met Bernhard ‘Ted’ Tedhams and Ken Pavey. Ted was my Best Man at my wedding in 1959. It was sometime after that we lost touch with each other.  

“Ted and his wife Jean had been looking for me for over twenty years, what perseverance! We had a long chat and took photos. I have been to see Ted and Jean at their home and we keep in touch by phone. It was over 56 years when I last met Ken. It was wonderful seeing them both.”

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of says: “We are delighted to learn we were of assistance in this case, it’s always so satisfying know we’ve helped reunite long-lost friends.” reunites thousands of friends and families a year and has teamed up with South Atlantic Medal Association to reunite veterans of the Falklands Conflict.