Use Company Credit Reports to check out a potential employer

Employees are now more selective about where they work, and will check the financial health of a business before committing to employment. 

That’s according to recruitment specialists the Huntress Group and which polled thousands of employees identifying what due diligence steps are taken prior to employment.

One in five of the survey said they would check to see if a company is financially stable before accepting a job offer, and 1 in 10 employees haven’t accepted an offer from a business due to a poor financial record.  Twelve percent said they were more selective about where they work since the downturn.

 “As we recover from the recession, financial stability is not just a concern for organisations, said Kristen Zeilerbauer, Managing Director of Huntress Group’s technology division, “Workers want to know they are finding stable and challenging employment. Highly skilled professionals can be even more selective about where they want to work.” 

Fifty nine percent of the survey said they would refuse work from a company with an unfavourable Company Credit Report.  Company Credit Reports  provide a snapshot of the financial health of a business and expose County Court Judgements – legal judgements that a company failed to pay a debt.

“Jobseekers should read a Company Credit Report on to see if a potential employer is a sinking ship. Ask of them: are they financially robust, do they service their debt and do senior staff stay put,” said Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of Limited.     

Sixty five percent of the employees said they are particularly concerned about businesses with County Court Judgments, and over half would be deterred by a company with a high turn-over of Company Directors. 

The survey also found that 75% of employees prefer a good salary over favourable benefits. The poll quizzed 2000 employees across the country. The majority of respondents worked in IT 33%, Accountancy or Finance 25% and Sales 12%. 

To find out what a Company Credit Report says about your potential employer visit to utilise 700 million public records, including Company Reports, Directors Records, and Edited Electoral Roll listings.