Beware of bad debt

SMEs are being urged to background check the debt of business partners, as discussed in Business Matters Magazine

A survey of UK SMEs found that over one in three had been unaware of the debt of a business partner. Thirty two percent said they had been lied to about the state of a company’s finances and 22% had entered into a partnership with a financially unsound partner.  

Seventy seven percent of the SMEs had not studied a business partner’s company credit report. Company credit reports detail the financial health of a business and expose county court judgements – legal notices that a company failed to pay a debt.

“We advise business to use a company credit report to find out whether a potential business partner can service its debts, pay its suppliers on time, and maintain stability at board level,” said Dominic Blackburn of  

Asked what would most concern them in a company credit report, 70% of the poll said they would be troubled by outstanding charges against a company. 65% would be concerned by county court judgments, and over half would be put off by a company’s poor working capital. Forty five percent would be troubled by a company changing its name several times.

Twenty five percent of the survey had commissioned a supplier who had let them down. When hiring a supplier, 40% of the survey were interested in their credit worthiness when starting a long-term relationship. A quarter valued credit worthiness when the supplier was a high value contract.

To read a company credit report visit utilise 700 million public records, including Company Reports, Directors Records, and Edited Electoral Roll listings.

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