A moment in time….

George was a radio operator in the first Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in 1945.  He was often stationed in India, and his elite company specialised in demolition.  

In June 1945 he was walking to his billet near Richmond, and stopped outside a social gathering. 

A young woman, Miss Vera Jane came outside to say hello. During their brief encounter George and Vera struck up a friendship. Vera invited George to stay with her family in the North of England, in case he couldn’t get home leave. 

This was their first and last conversation before the pair lost touch for decades. George was stationed in Ireland and later India, and lost track of where Vera was.

Now in his 80s, George decided to look for Vera.“Thanks to 192.com I managed to find her again after 67 years of searching,” he said. 

Using the edited electoral roll records on 192.com, Jim found Vera. The pair hope to meet in the next few months.