Beware Cowboy Builders! is being used by Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood of Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders to track down fraudulent traders.

Protect yourself from cowboy builders by verifying their identity and business credentials on 

  • Enter a name and surname into our people search boxes, and see if a trader is operating under an alias.
  • Download a Company Credit Report on and find out if the trader has County Court Judgments against them. County Court Judgements are legal notices saying the trader has failed to pay a debt.
  • Is the trader a Company Director? will show how many other companies the trader may be involved in, and find out if the trader operates under more than one business address.
  • Download the relevant Company Credit reports to find out if any Companies the trader operates through have failed or are struggling.

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of says: “Don’t be fooled by a glossy website or business card, check out a builder out against the public records and check directly with any trade association, the builder claims to be a part of.”   

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a cowboy builder, report the matter to the relevant legal authorities.  

Conduct your background check here