Santa’s sat-nav snaffled

Sending a Christmas card? Then send it to the right address.

  • Millions of Christmas cards are sent to the wrong home
  • Post early – 70% want a Christmas card by mid December   
  • Find the right postal address with edited electoral records on

750 million Christmas cards will be sent this year, with Posties processing 130 million items on December 12; dwarfing the 60 million packages handled every day.

Yet many cards won’t reach their intended destination in time for Christmas Day; with wrongly addressed letters redirected to the National Returned Letter in Belfast.  Last year the centre successfully redirected 5.2 million items.

A survey found 30% of households saying they receive Christmas cards addressed to previous occupants; meaning at least 8 million cards go missing each year.

The poll is a reminder to get a move on: just 3% of us want to receive a Christmas card on Christmas Eve, with 71% preferring a Christmas card by mid December.

“Cards sent to the wrong place can amount to missing Christmas cheer,” said Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of   

“Checking our edited electoral records will help you confirm you’ve got the right address. These records tell you where someone lives, who with and for how long – ideal for helping your Christmas card arrive on time, and on the right doormat.”

The last posting dates in the UK are December 20 for 1st class items and December 17 for 2nd class items.

Last posting dates

Tuesday 20 December for 1st Class items

Saturday 17 December for 2nd Class items

Thursday 22 December for Special Delivery items

Monday 12 December for airmail items to Western Europe

Friday 9 December for Eastern Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan have reunited thousands of families in time for Christmas. Reunitees include Adam Blake and Fallan Kelly, who found their respective Father’s through Fallan will this year spend the Christmas holiday with her Dad for the first time.