192.com launches an app for iPhones


  • iPhone users to get free directory enquiries
  • i192 supplies unprecedented depth of residential and business data
  • Official ID verification now available in a dedicated iphone app 
  • Know where you are, what’s what and who’s who with i192 

Millions of residential and business records are now accessible via a dedicated iPhone app, as the UK’s most awarded online directory brings free directory enquiries to the mobile market.

Called i192, the app’s jaw-dropping database is an amalgamation of the 2010 edited electoral roll, director records; directory enquiries, 4.5 million British businesses and Google Maps, delivering nearly 50 million records.   

The most obvious benefit for iPhone users will be free directory enquiries, giving unprecedented access on the move to the UK’s telephone directory. This will cut the costs of calling 118 services; which, from a mobile typically cost £2. iPhone users can search for people and businesses by name or the nearest business by category, for example ‘restaurant.’

For more extensive people-finding i192 provides instant access to 24 million edited electoral roll records and the company directors database. iPhone users will be able to verify a name, age and address of somebody they’ve just met, (ideal on a blind date) search for relatives in an emergency, and contact old friends.  Each search for a person on the edited electoral roll will cost £1.29 and will be billed through iTunes. 

By combining the directory enquiries database with the edited electoral roll, when searching for people, users can search three-times as many records as on 118 services. They can also search by first initial or full name, and search UK wide (without having to enter a location). Access to director reports and 4.5 million business listings allow the app’s users to verify the credentials of a business or service within minutes of coming into contact with them, allowing iPhone users to have a more sophisticated and informed mobile office. 

i192 is synchronised with the iPhone’s GPS, allowing the nearest business to be located and viewed on a map. Not only that, the app’s time-sensitive user interface displays one-click icons for different types of business at different times of day and night.  For example, during daylight hours, the app displays one-click business links for cafes and shops and at night these links can switch to bars clubs and taxis.

By combining the simplicity of the iPhone’s interface with the sophistication of 192.com database, Alastair Crawford CEO of 192.com intends the app to be a winning combination:  “iPhone users now have a fantastic opportunity to utilise the power of 192.com wherever they are,” he said. “This is an invaluable source of information when you’re on the move, be that when you’re out shopping, on a date, or looking for old friends,” he added.    

192.com’s move from a static to mobile platform also complements the sites growing popularity. This year, its mobile traffic recorded an eight-fold increase from Apple and Android smartphones, contributing to 192.com’s 65% increase in traffic in the last six months.

i192 is now available from the iTunes store:  http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/i192/id400204785?mt=8