Amazing school reunion

Michael from Cambridge reunited his old school friends from 1965 with the help of

Using a combination of credits and an old i-CD CD ROM, Michael launched a nationwide search for his old class who attended Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Buckinghamshire.     

The retired accountant said: “I came across an old school photo and thought, “I wonder what happened to all these people?” Since leaving school in 1965, I had only kept up with one person.  I started to recall their various names and then, working through and networking, I located nearly 90% of those I was looking for.”

This summer, Michael organised a school reunion with a difference: recreating his old school photo from 1965 using the same people, standing and sitting in the same positions they dutifully adopted in the 60s:

Then, in 1965

….and now in 2010 proved to be a powerful resource, helping Michael find his friends in just six months. Our databases deliver free directory enquiries, data from the births deaths & marriages indexes, the edited electoral roll and the Land Registry. This helped Michael broaden his search.

Once Michael identified the right person, he would write to, or call them. Describing the feeling of speaking to people he hadn’t seen for 30 years as astonishing, Michael said:  “Meeting up again was almost an out of body experience!” an out of body experience might look.