Updated Company Credit Reports

Today, we’ve updated the Company Credit Report section of our site.  Apart from the instant improvement in the look and feel, users should also benefit from:

  • An easy to digest ‘Company Summary’ which includes notes highlighting any recent changes to the Company’s status or documents
  • An improved presentation of company documents and accounts which makes it easier to browse and select the document you want
  • A streamlined purchase process which simplifies buying multiple reports and documents, and
  • A new ‘My Companies’ area so that your reports and monitors are easily accessible.

Don’t forget, you can still setup free monitoring alerts on as many Companies as you like. Just search for any business and click ‘Monitor this Company’ in the top right hand corner of your screen.

We’re sure you’ll find the new 192.com Company Credit Reports section easier to use but if you have any feedback, do less us know!