192.com featured in BBC1’s ‘Trackers’

Did you catch the new programme, Trackers, on BBC1 on Sunday night at 10.25pm? Trackers is presented by Richard Bilton and follows him and his team as they attempt to reunite people with their families and their forgotten money.

Not surprisingly the professional researchers rely on 192.com to search edited Electoral Rolls as our site lists more than 40 million Brits. At the 10 minute mark, you’ll see how 192.com is instrumental in tracing Graham Grayson who has forgotten about a savings account worth £6700! The database experts quickly find Graham’s new address by locating someone with his name in the same area that he used to live. This is one of the easiest ways to find someone using 192.com and anyone can do it! A number of other individuals and families were reunited with forgotten savings and pensions accounts as well as proceeds from wills – all made possible by the powerful people search functions on 192.com.

We strongly recommend you watch the program, not only for tips on how to trace people yourself, but also to see some of the amazing and life changing outcomes from these searches.

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