Safe Virtual Love

Channel 4 aired a new programme, ‘Love Virtually’ on Friday night, which followed one woman’s progress when looking for love online.

According to the show’s producers, in 2010, seven million of us will sign up for internet dating. And this rise in internet dating has lead to a subsequent increase in people using sites like Facebook and to get more background on a potential date. is a great resource to use because you are verifying someone’s details against official databases. Remember, people can say whatever they like about themselves on a social networking profile! Plus, not only verify’s a person’s age and address, it can also tell you who they live with. This is particularly important if you want to avoid meeting people that are already married or in a relationship. Don’t let people waste your time, check them out on first!

You can watch the program online on the Channel 4 website >> 
(but hurry, its only available for the next 26 days)