Last Chance to Stop the Waste

In just one week’s time, the ‘Say No To Phonebooks’ epetition on the Downing St website will close.

Now is your last chance to sign the epetition to help us move to a ‘on request’ system for phonebooks.  Don’t forget to forward this petition to all your friends and colleagues to ask them to sign it too.

Your signature most definitely counts! By the time we’d hit the 8,000 signatures mark we had already achieved:

  • The Local Government Association declaring ‘war on pointless phone directories that cost council taxpayers £7.5m’, and
  • Yell announcing that it will shrink the size of its directory by about a third this year.

If we halved the number of households that had three directories dumped on their doorstep every year, we’d save almost 40,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Independent research demonstrates that 41% of households simply don’t use phonebooks for their directory enquiry information anymore, so why do the directory companies get away with dumping unwanted phonebooks on their doorsteps? This is particularly pertinent when the government is hosting conferences about reducing waste. Well here’s one common sense idea that’s staring them in the face!

Currently we are agonisingly close to 12,000 signatures on our Downing St ePetition.

Sign it today, send it to all your mates, and we’re one step closer to reducing totally unnecessary waste in the UK!

For more news and to find out more about other ‘Say No To Phonebooks’ campaign activity visit:


Stop Phonebook Waste