Confused of Clapham

After the hugely successful launch of the ‘Say No To Phonebooks’ campaign (which currently has over 5,350 signatures), I’ve had a few people ask me how they can make sure they get free directory enquiry results on To clear up any confusion here is a simple explanation that I hope you will all find helpful.

10 free directory enquiry searches per day are available to anyone who isn’t signed in or hasn’t got any credits on their account.

Below is an example of the results shown when I conducted a search when I wasn’t logged in. 


As you can see the Free Listings are given at the top of the screen. These are taken from the telephone directory database and to see these you have to enter a surname and location otherwise we will return no free results. Something to note is that Directory Enquiry results list by first initial only so if you are searching for a John or a Jane the result shown will always just be a J.

Below these is what we call Premium Results. These are Electoral Roll or Director Report results that match the search. You can see clearly what Electoral Roll they are taken from below the name. If you are being asked to purchased credits it will be because you are clicking on one of these results as we do charge to view Electoral Roll records, if you have already purchased credits you just need to sign in at this point. If it is a historic Electoral Roll record, this is anything that isn’t the current year (eg 2002-2008) you will also need to purchase an additional membership be it EAA or EAM. This is explained in more detail when you go to select your credit package.

I hope that this helps clear up any confusion.