Up Your Street – How to get to know your neighbours before you move in

Today we unveil one of the really clever things you can do on 192.com.

If you’re moving house, whether you’re buying or renting, and want to know about your neighbours before you move in, check up your potential new street on 192.com.

Search by postcode or street name only on our search form and we’ll give you the full names, length of residency, age guides and property prices of just about every person on that street. If you don’t have 192.com search credits, you’ll need to purchase some at this point but from as little as tenner, you can search up to five different locations!

This sort of information gives you an idea of whether your neighbours have lived there for years or whether new people are moving in and out every year or so. It’ll also tell you how old your neighbours are and how much they paid for their property.

Let’s get started:

  1. Go to 192.com
  2. Enter a full postcode or street address in the “Where” field
  3. Sign In / Buy Credits to access information on everyone that lives in that street

This is typically the sort of information you’re going to get on every household: Sample 192.com record >>

Similarly, if you’re looking for your neighbour’s details for any reason (such as needing to contact them about improvements to your property) then 192.com will give you all their information. If they are a Director of a Company, we’ll also list their business address and all their business interests.

We’ve also heard from users that have used a street search to get hold of someone that they are desperate to contact. So for example, if the person you’re searching for doesn’t have a directory enquiry listing, you can phone their neighbour and ask them to pass on a message.

Of course, if you just want to see all the property sale prices from the year 2000 onwards for any street, you can also do a simple
192.com property price search >>

Know your neighbours with 192.com