60,000 house prices for 2009 added

It’s been a tumultuous year for the UK property market but you can now sort the fact from the fiction by looking up the latest property prices on 192.com. Taken directly from the land registry and updated till the end of June 2009, you can now search for any address in the UK and see property sale prices from the year 2000 onwards.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, you can see all the current house prices for the area you’re interested in. Or if you’re just curious about the current market value of your home, search for your street.

You can search property prices for free by using our dedicated search form. The easiest way to find a history of sale prices is to just enter a street name or postcode in this form.

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If you’re after more detail on your current or potential neighbours, you can do a premium location search to find out their names, ages, how long they’ve lived there, property price, etc. To access this detailed information, search using the 192.com People Finder and only enter a street address or postcode (i.e. leave ‘Who/What’ field blank) .  This will give you a complete profile of all your neighbours. You will need 192.com search credits to access this information in all its glory!

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