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60,000 house prices for 2009 added

It’s been a tumultuous year for the UK property market but you can now sort the fact from the fiction by looking up the latest property prices on Taken directly from the land registry and updated till the end of June 2009, you can now search for any address in the UK and see property sale prices from […]

Saving your search results

Those sharp eyed registered users with credits will have noticed a neat little icon on the right hand side of the results list. This handy little button lets you save or download the records in the results list to either .cvs or .pdf. The .pdf version makes it easy to get a clear, map free, printable […]

Your chance to find people

We’ve just added 380,000 new name & address records to These are the very latest edited Electoral Roll records available, taken from the 2009 rolling register. This update includes people that have registered at a new address on their Electoral Roll registration form in 2009. So it’s a great way to find friends and family that […]