Company credit risk under the spotlight

Today we’ve officially launched our new Company Credit Reports facility, the same day we’ve been named ‘Website of the Day’ by Pocket Lint. And if Pocket Lint’s suggestion that, if you haven’t tried for a while now is the time to do it, doesn’t get you on the site perhaps the addition of this tool to help you safeguard against bad debt will.

What we set out to do with the new was to make it easy to access new data and so take directories to a powerful new level. The addition of Company Credit Reports is just another example of this. Not even a week after the government’s Insolvency Service announced a 39% increase in company liquidations, this is a useful tool that helps you understand the financial position of key customers and suppliers. It’s a bleak fact that insolvencies have increased at such a dramatic rate but at least unlike before, small businesses and even consumers now have instant, online access to information that previously would have been the domain of big business.

Company credit reports are now available for over 1 million of the records in’s Business Directory or can be searched directly from our Company Credit Reports portal.

One of the best features is the ‘monitor this company’ facility which allows you to setup free email alerts that notify you if the status of the company changes (such as the posting of new accounts, change of directors, or change of risk status / record of CCJs).

Try it out and let us know how you find it: