Refining your Search

My favourite new feature on the new site is the refine your search capabilities. If you do a search you will see a bar down the left hand side which is called Refine Your Search. If you click on this bar or the arrow at the top, it will open up a window which allows you to do all sorts of things to narrow down your search to the person or business you are looking for.

For people, the window will show you all the different forenames and surnames that match your search and you can click on them to narrow down your search to the person you want. We also show you age ranges where we have them for people so if you know how old the person is you are looking for you can narrow down your search quickly and easily. We also show you all the occupations for any directors that match your search.

For business searches we allow you to narrow down your search by classification so if you know what the company does you can quickly and easily get to it.

For both people and businesses we will also show you all the locations that the person or business you have searched for are based, which along with having maps on the results page makes it very easy to find the person or business you want.

One last trick, if you only want to show people with telephone numbers, if you set the source to telephone directory in the window, it will only show people with telephone numbers.

For more information, read our guide to refining your search:

I hope you like this new feature,


 The new Refine Search panel: