Electoral Roll Update July 2019

For the fourth time so far this year we’ve received an updated list of Electoral Roll records.

This update includes 33 million changes, meaning there are loads of new, updated, and validated UK names and addresses that have been added to the site.

You can specifically search for someone on the Electoral Roll using the 192.com Electoral Roll search, or head to our People Finder search which includes results from all of our official sources.

Ask property expert Phil Spencer!

Our Property Report partner Phil Spencer recently took some time out to answer some of the questions that often get asked on Twitter.

Check out the video below to see his answers and advice:

With more than 25 years of experience in the property sector, Phil Spencer’s tips for buying or renting a house will help you through this notoriously stressful process. Whether you’re buying or renting your first home or a seasoned property professional, Phil shares his property advice, guidance and insights to help you move home with confidence.

If you are looking at moving home and for more advice and updates from Phil visit our partners at MoveiQ.

Move IQ and 192.com’s FindASchool in the Daily Mail

Our schools data featured on the Front Page of the Mail On Saturday:

Revealed: Schools turn down children who live ONE MINUTE away with half of secondaries now oversubscribed



You can read the full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6120195/Schools-turn-children-live-ONE-MINUTE-away-half-secondaries-oversubscribed.html

Download a Property Report Here

Win a Google Home Mini!


Would you like a chance to win a Google Home Mini?

Take our short survey about buying property and the property market in the UK. It’s just 12 questions long and will help us better understand what you think about buying property in the UK.

You will remain anonymous, unless you wish to enter our prize draw to win one ‘Google Home Mini’ at which point we will need an email address to contact you on if you’re the winner.

Please note: One entry per person, competition closes July 8, 2018.

*Terms and Conditions Apply, please see survey for more details.


This Month Is Fraud Awareness Month

Every year, scams and frauds cost people in the UK up to £10bn, not to mention the severe emotional and psychological impact this has on it’s victims.

Scams Awareness Month is taking place throughout this June to help highlight how to stay safe and avoid being tricked by fraudsters.

Our Background report is a key tool in the fight against fraudsters, helping you get all the information on who you’re dealing with, enabling you to make an informed choices.

Background Reports can be used to help prevent you being scammed in a variety of situations, for example:

  • Making a large purchase from someone, like buying a second hand car.
  • Welcoming someone into your home like a tradesman, babysitter, or housesitter.
  • Going into business with someone.
  • Signing a tenancy agreement.
  • Meeting someone who you’ve been chatting with online for the very first time.

Our Background Report gives you a better understanding about a person. It can answer questions you haven’t thought to ask, or confirm details you’ve already been given. Have a look at a sample report to see the extensive information included in the report.



Leave it to Phil and 192.com

Property Report news from over the weekend!

Since we launched our Property Report with Phil Spencer just a few months ago we are happy to say we have helped lots of house hunters get the full facts before making an offer.

Buying a property will probably be the largest purchase you ever make, so it’s important you have all the facts available before you start the process. Working with TV’s Phil Spencer we’ve created a report that is instantly downloadable on any property in England and Wales, it gives you all the essential information about that property and the surrounding area; such as are the schools good? Is there any planning applications I should know about? Even if it is in a high crime area.

Having this information enables those looking at a property to make a more informed decision before making an offer and conducting costly searches.

The report is available directly from:  https://www.192.com/places/property-reports/ and costs from just £17.99

Scootering classics: Owners Reunited

192.com has been in the news again this week, after helping reunite John, Paul and Conrad who all share the same passion for scooters.

The story talks about Paul trying to trace the first owner of his classic Lambretta scooter;

“A quick look on 192.com showed that there was indeed a Conrad Morris living at a Swansea address. So Paul made a note of it and sent him a letter, including a black and white photo from 1964, asking whether he was the original owner and informing him that the scooter was still in regular use. He was delighted to receive a reply the following day from Conrad who was the right man and who had been thrilled to receive the letter.”

You can read the full story here: https://www.scootering.com/scootering-classics-owners-reunited/

If you have a reunion story you would like to share then please email: Pressoffice@192.com

It’s us in Yours.

192.com is featured in this weeks Yours Magazine.

We’re always happy to be featured in the news and we are especially happy when that feature comes in the form of some excellent consumer advice.

This weeks Your Magazine has a large feature on how to save money on directory enquiries, the article highlights that you can get the same information you get via a 118 number on 192.com online for free.


Hunting for someone online?

How to use 192.com, Google and Social media to find who you are looking for:

There are many reasons you could want to find an address or phone number online, you might be planning a wedding and have lost contact with someone you really want there, or have lost contact with a group of old work colleagues you’d like to reconnect with. Perhaps you served in the military and want to track down old friends, or you are planning a school reunion it is likely you will be looking for their contact details.

To help people find who they are looking for online 192.com has created a useful flow chart and some top tips to help:

Dominic’s Top Tips for finding someone online:

  • The more information you have the easier it is to find someone:

Age, location, family and friends all these things can make it easier for you to find someone online.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words:

When searching for a name with Google try using ‘image search’, you will be able to narrow down information on the person you are looking for, as long as you know what they look like.

  • What if they have married and changed name?

Try using 192.com’s married registry tool in order to find people who may have married and changed their name.

  • Use the right tools for the job:

Facebook will help you find friends of friends and social butterflies, LinkedIn will help you find business focused people, and 192.com will provide you with addresses and phone numbers of the person you are looking for.

  • Remember not everybody has social media:

It may be tempting to just do a search on social media, however up to 80% of over 60’s don’t have a social media profile and social media doesn’t always have the information that you are looking for.

  • Google is a great starting place:

Remember when using Google to narrow down your results put in as much detail as you have, remember to always search in the UK. If you know their profession add that to the search e.g. “John Smith Builder Lincolnshire UK”

  • Remain positive and don’t give up:

If you don’t find the person you’re looking for stay positive, keep coming back as people are joining social media every day and 192.com’s data is regularly updated, just because you don’t find them today doesn’t mean you won’t find them in the future.

  • Broaden your search:

If you can’t find the exact person you are looking for try searching for a close relative or partners name if you know it you might be able to find someone else who lives in the same home.

Millions of people use 192.com every month for searching for contact details and are used by professionals to find people and verify identities; they are featured frequently on television shows such as Cowboy Builders and Heir Hunters. 192.com is also used by charities and professional people tracers.

School’s out: Our new data reveals the 10 hardest primary schools to get into in London!

Last week our Schools data made the Evening Standards Homes & Property section. Reporting that;

“In a week when 100,000 families found out where their children would start their education, Homes & Property can reveal the smallest admissions boundary in London is now down to just 200 metres, or 0.11 miles.

It means parents need to live no more than a few streets from a school to stand a chance of finding a place there for their child.

New data from FindaSchool, by online directory 192.com, names the hardest primary schools to get into by distance, and shows the smallest catchment radius shrank by nearly five per cent from 2016 to 2017.”

You can read the full story here: https://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property-news/the-hardest-london-primary-schools-to-get-into-have-catchment-areas-of-less-than-200-metres-a119561.html