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Christmas Crackers

Sending a Christmas card? There’s still time, but check you’re sending it to the right address. Thirty percent of households in the UK have received a Christmas card sent to their home’s previous occupants. This means up to eight million Christmas cards could go astray each year. A misplaced card is a waste of good […]

Are you reuniting for Christmas?

If you’re celebrating Christmas with an old friend or newly found family member please tweet us at @192com

New Product! See Who’s Searching For You.

Right now, somebody might be looking for you on 192.com. But who? Find out with our new product called See Who’s Searching For You. See Who’s Searching For You tells you every time your name is searched for online, and lets you email the searcher. Wow From the moment you purchase See Who’s Searching For You we will start to compile your online search history, showing you who’s […]

Facebook business reviews on 192.com

  Breaking news! Facebook business reviews are now live on the site. Have you got a favourite pub, shop or restaurant? Is there a business that you feel strongly about? Log in to 192.com enter the name of the business and the location. Write your review and tell your Facebook friends exactly what you think of it.  Thanks to our […]

1960s Rock legend reunites with an old friend after 50 years apart

Martin Murray of The Honeycombs found his old friend Neville, thanks to a search on 192.com. Martin, had a number 1 hit in 1964, with Have I the Right. In this video, Martin is the rhythm guitarist in glasses. Thankfully Martin gave us the right to film his reunion with Neville, their first meeting in 50 years. The reunion was witnessed by […]

New FREE business directory launched

Got a business? Then get Bizy with this…. BizBuzz.com, the new online directory heralds demise of traditional directories A new online business directory from 192.com will challenge traditional yellow page style directories, and signal the end of the paid-for advertising model at the heart of businesses such as Yell and Thomson. BizBuzz.com is a free directory where […]

Getting the builders in? Then ID check!

Interested in home security? Then read on! In an exclusive survey, we found that 1 in 10 homeowners have been ripped off by a worker they have let into their home, and that 74% of us don’t background check an employee entering our property. The survey of 1,000 home owners found that 90% of us […]

192.com adds Bing Maps to the site

192.com has now added Bing Maps to our site, giving an even more powerful snapshot of the UK.

Which? Reviews our ‘awesome’ app for iPhones

Listen to the podcast here:  http://www.which.co.uk/podcasts/money/2011/01/12/

First Tranche of the 2011 Electoral Roll Live

This morning we have put 20 million records from the 2011 edited Electoral Roll live on 192.com. This is the first part of the 2011 Edited Register which has been received, we will be doing another release in February with the rest of the 2011 Edited Electoral Roll. The update contains 20 million records, of […]