Complete 2014 edited Electoral Roll now live!

It’s been a bit of a wait this year to get all of the councils to deliver their electoral roll data, but it has now all been delivered, checked, processed and published on to

There are more than 29 million name and address records published in the 2014 set: some of them completely new people not on the list before, some moving address, some confirmed as still resident where they were.

If you’ve been looking for someone before and not found them, or simply want to ensure that you have the correct addresses for your contacts, it’s now a really good time to get on to to access the latest data.

Use our electoral roll search to check it out!


More 2014 edited Electoral Roll records live!

We’ve received a further update of records from councils for the 2014 edited Electoral Roll, and these are now live and searchable on

This update brings the total number of 2014 edited ER records to more than 18 million!

If you want the latest address information for people in the UK, head for our people search now!

April business data update

This week we have published thousands of new UK business records, and updated thousands more. These updates come from more than one data supplier, so some of them include shopfront photos and some include more details about the businesses.

2014 edited Electoral Roll is live!

The wait is over! Finally we have received the first delivery of the 2014 edited Electoral Roll, and it has been Blog_ER_2014published to today.

This initial update consists of more than 11 million records, so if you have been trying to track someone down, or you want to ensure that you have the very latest address information for your contacts, get over to now and start searching!

More updates are expected in the near future, so watch this space for news.

New people records on site!

We’ve just released a major data update to the site, that includes more than 700,000 new records for directors and significant shareholders. These will mostly be UK individuals, and will include their addresses, so it’s definitely worth running another people search if you have been looking for someone.

At the same time, we’ve added or updated more than 100,000 UK businesses, keeping our business search as fresh and useful as possible.

March business data update

The latest business data update from the Local Data Company is now live on

Thousands of new shops, which include shop front photos, are now live on the business search, and thousands more have been updated.

February data update for Background Reports

We’ve received and tested the latest official insolvency data and mortality records, and these have been published to our databases today. This information is used to power parts of our Background Reports, which deliver a comprehensive picture of UK individuals. If you need to check up on someone, check them out with a Background Report.

Facebook sign-in on

Sign in with Facebook, LinkedIn or PaypalWe’ve added a new feature to – now, if you’re a registered user of Facebook, you can register for a account with a single click.

If you’re already a registered user, then you can link your account to Facebook provided that you used the same email address to register.

Provided that you are already logged into Facebook, you’ll then be able to log into without having to enter your email address and password – it saves you having to remember your password, and gives you immediate access to your 20 free Directory Enquiries searches per day.

And it’s not just Facebook – users of Paypal and LinkedIn can use the new system in the same way!

Company data update – D&B

Today we have published a major update from Dun & Bradstreet. This affects both business and people data.

The update included more than 100,000 new businesses, and updates to more than 300,000 businesses.

We’ve also added details of nearly half a million company directors, and more than 300,000 new shareholders. Some of these will be people for whom we did not previously have a home address, so if you’ve been looking for someone, their new address may now be on the site.

New businesses are searchable on our business search page, and you’ll find those new directors and shareholders as part of our extensive people search.

Business data update – LDC

It’s only a short time since the last update from the Local Data Company, but another one has gone live on the site today, bringing us bang up to date.

Thousands of new shops are listed, and thousands more have been updated.

Check out our business search or visual search to find them!